English is my second language after Indonesian (or Bahasa? Uh, I don’t know) so I’ll made my second post in English. First, I want to apologize if my English is not so good. But I hope you know what I mean.

“Apa?” (an Indonesian word that means “What?” in English) is my first word in my life. I was a child, I was cute, I was chubby. And “door” is my first English word that I can remember. I hope it would make a very good start to this blog as it makes a very good start to my life (amen to that).

It is a sign of my curiousity since my childhood, because since that time, “Apa?” was the only word I spoke whenever something really attracted my attention. Lucky my parents were patient enough to answer all my questions.

And now I am really curious about the correlation between my first word and my personality. Is that a sign for my future? Once again, I don’t know. I am a very curious person I could think about the things I really like for a long time. Those things could get out from my head by the words comes out from my mouth or it could be safe on my grey cells for a long time.

But it may get out from my head by those words I wrote.

Maybe I’ll write in Indonesian, maybe in English. Maybe I will repost some of my writings from my other blog. I just hope the “door” is the right door to a bright future. Ah, does sign really exists?




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