Hey, ever confused about why you’ll get orange if you mix red and yellow paint but you’ll get yellow if you mix red and green light? I always a bit confused about that since I have a big interest in aesthetic things.

And here are the explanation. Simple, because paint and light is a complete different things. But I just never see that it’s almost complementary (see that in light part, mix of red, green, blue, makes a yellow, magenta, and cyan. And vice versa).

Color in light and color in paint have different properties

Enough with the science things.

I always adore colors, I never hate any colors. I love seeing the color names on crayons. Burnt sienna, cobalt blue, viridian.. (It’s a bit mind-blowing when someone told me all cities names in Pokémon are color names!) But I’ve just realized that.. I’ve never really had a long-lasting favorite color. My parents said I loved green when I was a child. But when I grow up, it tends to change. I loved orange once, red sometimes, but never blue. I never really liked blue because it’s.. blue. I took the color meaning so seriously. I really like grey, but is it a color?

What I really love about the colors is.. the mix of it. I love black and yellow, black and white, tumblr blue and white, and so many cute color mix match. And I never really like a single color like “red”, “blue”, etc. I really love to mix color and probably the way I can share my favorite color mix with you is by hexadecimal color code.

I also somewhat believe that someone’s favorite colors are related to their inner-self. That’s why I can’t determine myself (?) Ha. What a random thoughts on a random night.


-N, an #FFFFFF-#000000 color mix huge fan.


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