Yesterday I went to European Higher Education Fair 2011, which was held in Jakarta Convention Center. I have been dreaming about going to Europe since I was a kid, so I won’t waste this opportunity. I know it’s only an education fair, but I was hoping for many scholarships information since the living cost in Europe is extremely expensive.

I really want to go to France, so I visited the CampusFrance stand. Then I knew that CCF has changed its name into Institut Francais Indonesia. I don’t really mind about the programs, as long as it’s about information technology or arts (and I found a very interesting program in Goldsmith University, UK!) or management. But it’s hard to find a full scholarship, although the requirements are not really hard (not with GPA>3.5 etc etc).

I went there with Tifa, Dea, Biru, Marchy, Bobi. We are the dreamers, hopefully our dreams came true in the very near future. Aameen.

The Dreamer(s). Hope we can reach Europe someday in the very near future.

That was what I got from EHEF. We wanted to see the British Council seminar, but all the places already taken. But the fair was very neat and we met some of our friends there. Overall it’s very interesting.

I really hope six of us can make it to Europe. Hopefully with a full scholarship. So yeah, we have to study really hard of course studying the language.




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