I don’t use glasses, even though I adore guys who look good with glasses. It gives you intellectual look. And BAM–you’re hot. My dad often said that I have tendency to use glasses in the future because both of my parents use glasses. My mom has been using glasses since she was still a student, my dad started using it after he reached 40s.

I am not saying that I wish I have myopi, but I would love to see myself with glasses and look at everyone’s reaction. Hahaha what an attention seeker I am!

And only few glasses have really impressed me. No more than ten, I think.. The most jaw-dropping glasses I ever saw was the one Elle Fanning use on Marc Jacobs’ newest commercial! Here’s the photo.

I don’t know it’s because she is Elle Fanning or the glasses are just drop-dead gorgeous! Or maybe it’s just the photographs.

And I want it. SO bad. Maybe I’ll looked like horse if I use that glasses, but I don’t care like I don’t care about the dress and red bag on that picture. It’s just about the glasses. Period. Lol.

Nighty night.


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