When someone(s) attacked me in an inappropriate way, my conscience always split into two.

The first one always say “Calm down, remember that Dr. Seuss’s quote, ‘those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.’ Is that person matter to you? No? So just be calm, pretend it never happened, because if you reply it you’ll be the same as them. I hope you can face them in an elegant way.”

The second one already have many arguments inside its head and transfer it to mine. So many elegant arguments and scenarios that will make them regret that they ever attacked me that way. I feel like that “fuck yea” meme.

Sometimes the first one wins. It make me look like a dumb person who can’t talk properly.

Then people will call me stupid. Boring. Etc etc.

Then that conscience splits again into two. I called it the third one and the fourth one.

The third one say “Oh come on, you say you believe in that quote. They really DON’T MATTER. If you still think about it it just prove that they are matter to you. Remember, IGNORANCE IS BLISS. They would love to know that their words matter so much to you”.

The fourth one say “Yeah, but my grades are matter too. I don’t have enough things to make my own career. And you told me to listen to another people.”.

And then I came back to reality, still don’t know what I should be doing.



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