The Infamous One

After knowing it in Baking Life game.. After those “I’ve found the best red velvet cake in Bandung!”, “I’m craving for red velvet cake now :9”, “Oh my, this blablabla red velvet cupcakes is sooooooooo delicious”, etc etc tweets, which make me very curious about that cake.. After days of imagining the flavor of the cake.. After doing some little research (please read it as googling) about the appearance and the recipe..

Finally I have had my first bite to this famous cake. Red Velvet Cake.

My friends and I bought it from Butter Creme Cupcakes Rp 72,000 (or Rp 72 if the denomination plan succeed) for 6 red velvet cupcakes. It was small, smaller than my palm.

While I was driving, my friends had tasted it first and (they all haven’t tasted any red velvet before) they think it was very delicious. So I drove my way home with excitement to let it melt in my tongue. I wanted to share this with my family. But something happened and my cupcake fell in the box for unknown reason..

Then I saved those remaining cream cheese.. and took a picture of it. Hahaha.


The cake wasn’t like what I thought it will be, but it does taste good with cream cheese. I gave it some to my mom so she could make one someday :p

So yeah, thanks to my friends so I could get the cupcake cheaper (should be Rp 15,000 if you bought one only) and the impulsive journey to red velvet cake! Lol.



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