A Confession

I always think cats are adorable. They have big eyes and cute behavior. And internet with all those cute kitten photos always makes me want to own a cat, a black one. You know, those photos like invisible cart, invisible pickle jar, etc etc.

But my dad doesn’t allow me. Many scientific articles said that women shouldn’t have cats as pet because of the toxo virus, that will make physical defects to their future babies. They’re also not as smart as dogs, because dogs can be trained for many attractions. And cats can only be trained to poo in a proper place, that’s all.

So while those toxo viruses block my wish to own a cat, I will post my favorite black cat posts so far. It was taken from Tumblr and actually gifs. Click the photo for the source.




















I also use black cat as my pottermore avatar. It wasn’t even a second choice. I wanted an owl, but the second I knew they sell cats, I chose black cat directly.



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