Pasar Malam ITB

After so much fun of Movie Festival in Temu Akrab Informatika (aka Mukrab HMIF 2011), me and some of my nocturnal friends went to Pasar Malam ITB. It was an event organized by an independent group of ITB students who care so much about UMKM (small and medium entrepreneurship) and it’s like a carnival.

I was really interested about this event because I never go to any night carnival and their posters was very interesting. Here are some of the graphics.

Very interesting, isn’t it? It should increase students’ awareness about the reality in Indonesia. I see that students’ nowadays is way too hedonist and consumptive.

Long story short, I was there around 11 pm. There were a mini Ferris wheel, carousel, mini train, fishing games, cotton candies, and a game use centrifugal/centripetal force (I don’t know what its name lol). You can ride any vehicle with only Rp5.000,00/ride. I was really interested to that centrifugal game but the queue was so long.

So Bobi, Bepe, Okky, and I took the carousel. For the first time I tried to capture photos from my phone while I was on the ride (it was rather challenging hahaha) and I think the results was not bad. Here’s one of them:

Those were Bobi and Bepe. Okky was behind me so I can’t capture him.

I only rode the carousel because I have no more money and I thought it was too late for home. So I went home after watching my other friends riding the centrifugal game.

It was a good night. Thanks for the Pasar Malam committee for holding such a nice event! Maybe I’ll write about Mukrab later.



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