The Clim’Way Game

Hello all,

I wanna share about one of my Environmental Health subject task: presenting something about environmental software. After so-called researching (please read it as: googling), we found many software but none of them are interesting to us.

Then, we found this game. The Clim’way Game. Visit it here.

Although it has nice cartoon user interface, you can judge by its language that the game isn’t for child. It looks like a game for city planner, according to its complete knowledge about how city should be built in a green way.

So, in this game you will be a planner of Clim City. Like any average city, it has factories, tall buildings, houses. And as the planner you could choose any actions for the city so it would have the smallest greenhouse effect and energy consumption. You should prepare for the disease and catasthrope that will come any year. After you take enough actions, click “finish the turn” and the game will shows you what will happened after those actions in a year.

Here’s some screenshot:

The Welcome Screen.

The view of Clim City

Some of the actions on object Individual Housing, with advantages and disadvantages:

I must say that this game is excellent. They give a complete information about the actions (advantage and disadvantages) including the small actions that us can do it individually. I only hope that this game increase the environmental awareness to kids.. (if they understand) and people!

Learning with fun is.. fun :D


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