I went on vacation last Tuesday. It was rather a sudden vacation because we didn’t really plan about it. At first there would be over ten people on this vacation but it ended up with only nine.

Long story short, Marchy was the driver. With his GPS device that always be there everywhere we went on vacation, we crossing Bandung until.. we met the polices. Yeah, we were wrong. The largest capacity of our car is 8 people (including driver) but we had 9 people in out car! Oh well..

This was our today’s lesson.

After about two hours trip, we arrived at Kawah Putih. I had reduced photo quality, in case someone steals them. And finally I had quality time with my Rebel :p

The welcome gate. That big cheek was Marchy’s.

Eight of us (I took the photo)

Kawah Putih was a beautiful site. Although it literally means White Crater, it was not. The water was beautifully blue. Here are some of the photos:

Then we took another trip to Situ Patengan. It was rainy so we couldn’t really enjoy this. Situ Patengan is a big lake with superstitious story as background. There were many boats to rent but it was rainy and already 5 pm so we just took some fun photos.

We tried to jump together.. Although we failed lol. Yeah it was me, Riza, Bobi, Marchy, Biru, Dea, Gharta, Gita, Karin.

Our expenses were:

Kawah Putih entrance fee:  Rp243.000,00 (for 9 people + 1 car)

Situ Patengan entrance fee: Rp66.000,00 (for 9 people + 1 car)

Lunch (noodle) : Rp6.000,00

Gasoline: Rp100.000,00

Parking: Rp6.000,00

Well, that’s all for Ciwidey vacation. Hope we can go for more vacations!



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