It is hurts when we got our hope high while the other doesn’t feel the same way. They could give us hateful stare. They could make us feel loved in three different times and that is why we loved them. They never really returned our love but they seems to be and it makes our hope fly to the flowery sky. That’s why we prevent for it to happen for the fourth time.

First time, we admire their kindness. Second time, they seems to like us back. But they didn’t make any move so we keep our hopes low. Three times, for some reasons our hopes getting high, again. But they didn’t. Again. Assumptions.

And now, when we figured out who they really love, and it’s not us, our heart will be nothing but pieces. Then we declare that we’re out of hope.. but never really out of love.

Apparently the other seems like us too. Suddenly they give us hateful stare, as hateful as they can be. They ignore us. We, as women, will not even make a single first move.

We can only hope for the best.. but it doesn’t come. It never come. We can only cry for the loneliness the lost hope give.

We can only listen to what others said about their other; can’t really talk what’s ours, because we don’t have anything. It’s killing us.

We can only assume, but our assumptions are often wrong. Like our assumptions that the other like us too.

Please forgive us for what we have done.. We just hope they understand that we will never make first move.



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