Oh well, I am now taking a break from my Human-Computer Interaction task: making a Flash animation about ourselves. I opened my facebook page and found Kerajaan Desain Republik Indonesia post here. Ah, such a long time. I have found that website since I was still in high school.

That site was about design (thank me, captain obvious). I still remember how the founder (Wahyu Aditya, correct me if I’m wrong) fixing ordinary logos to an amazing ones. The logos were from State-Owned Enterprises, like PLN, Ministries, etc. One of the design was used by the real owner.  I also remember the blog format from that site. Now it is more than just a blog.

But the thing I remember the most is those amazing feeling when I revealed that site (with their blogspot address) and dug the posts and felt like my head was going to explode for their awesomeness. They are one of the factors why I fall in love with art and design.

Well, I guess I have to go back to work. Hopefully I can write the review (finally I finished A Game of Thrones! Yay!) and the curators stories soon.


Creative non-smoking advertisement. Click the image for resource.

PS: This is one of my favorite non-smoking advertisement. I live in non-smoking environment so when I really have to go to a smoking ones, I have to hold my breath hahahahaha. I don’t blame them. Maybe I am just really weak.


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