A Game of Thrones

via Goodreads

Finally, I made it! It took me almost a month to finish this book. Well, it’s actually my fault. I started reading the book a few days before the beginning of semester and I can’t seem to put it down and delayed it until next holiday!

At first, I can’t really understand what’s going on the story. I think it’s because the setting is completely fictional. The name of the place is Westeros, although the map George R. R. Martin gave in the book looks like America continent.

A Game of Thrones is the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire series. The story is divided to several point of views and plots. Each chapter are from different characters and places. The main settings are Seven Kingdoms in Westeros with King’s Landing as capital city, The Wall, a border to the northern area, and Eastern area.

The novel itself taught me some new vocabularies. You may have to adapt you English skills (if you’re not native) because some of the words are new. For example, the writer uses House instead of Family. When I first heard about the Houses in Game of Thrones, I thought it is similar to Harry Potter ones, hahaha.

One of my favorite things from this book is the character’s name. They are beautiful and sounds modern and ancient at the same time. I like name Daenerys, Lyanna, Sansa, Catelyn, Cersei, etc. I would love to name my future kids with that name (hahaha).

I give this book 5/5 stars according to Goodreads scale. It was absolutely a page turner. Every time I reached a chapter’s end, I always thought, “One more chapter.. one more chapter..” or “Oh no, it’s getting serious here” or “What the f did Martin thought?! He killed [insert character here]”.

I recommend this for people who love fantasy story. If you love The Lord of The Rings, I think you will love this too.

Good night.



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