I studied Information Security this semester and we learned about “social engineering”. It is about how we persuade people so they would give us their identity. So basically it’s negative.

For example, you may had someone called them suspiciously. You knew that it was a fraud.. but suddenly they asked us our bank account number. You become confused.. what would they do with the numbers? My lecturer said that one of his friends tried to fall to the trap and then he found out that the caller would do this:

The caller: “.. So, what is your account number?”

So-called victim: “It is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.

The caller: “Okay, so now you’re on ATM, right? Insert your card, and press your PIN number. Then press 1… etc etc.”

It turns out that the instructions the caller gave was a way to transfer from victim’s account to theirs. How clever. That was social engineering.

About two weeks ago, the lecturer gave us a task. We must find out a phone number of a celebrity (it’s a secret haha). The point is not the number, it’s how we persuade people to give their number without them knowing it. The number itself won’t be published even in class.

I don’t know why but I don’t really give a damn about this task. From the lecturer’s tone of voice and words, he really didn’t matter about the number. Second, I don’t really think that it will give me instant A or if I don’t do it will be instant E. Hahahahahahahaha.

My other friends are too ambitious with this task. They really want to get the number. One of them pretended to be the celebrity’s lecturer, the other have the drummer’s phone number so he will ask him instead. Ah, I don’t think it will be my priority now. Sometimes I am confused with their priority. They are so ambitious with easy and unimportant tasks. Sigh.

Ah well, maybe I am the one who weird (with some of my friends, of course) with not making this task priority.

Good night, sleep tight.



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