Happy Leap Day!

Today is already 29th of February and in less than three hours it will be the first of March and I want to write about this rare day! Haha.

So it began with some lectures about project management and information resources management which I didn’t really put my attention for unknown reasons. The I took a quiz of Interpersonal Communication subject which answers are must be exact same like on the slide. I hate that kind of quiz because it is kind of… close-minded.

Then I did a presentation about Flash program I have made several days ago. After that, I went to take my cupcakes (red velvet!!!) and went to SMA Negeri 19 Bandung. I had to do some survey with Agas and Budi about Information Systems Planning subject.

Well, the survey was done swiftly. The teacher, Mr. Iman was very nice to us.

On the way out, a problem occurred. My dad’s car had small collision with a small stem and now a bot of the car is dented. I felt afraid of my dad, even though he never really angry to me about that. I also felt so guilty to my friend Budi. He seems cool, but deep down inside he was very afraid too.

The next “trip”, we went to Tirta Anugrah for our Enterprise Information Systems and Information Systems Management tasks. The boss was there, but was resting when we came. So we tried BMG (Bumi Medika Ganesha) and Wisma Dago. It was also a failure.

We moved to Celebrate. They had enormous numbers of things, but we couldn’t see any employers. So we move to a restaurant named Warung Garem-Garem which located not far from Celebrate.


Hahaha. The manager was so kind and open about our tasks. Mainly because he had been the source of many ITB students tasks. We learnt so much there. Next time, we should buy something from that Warung Garem-Garem. The restaurant itself is looking interesting.

We were so tired when we finally arrived on campus. I also had Saman Dance rehearsal this night so I couldn’t come home early 😦 But the rehearsal was fun, though. We all hope that on 2nd of March on 17:00 it will be sunny. Aameen 🙂

I don’t know why but I thnik this day is those we should be grateful to. Maybe because I was reminded by one of my senior about my dream. He sent me a link about internship in Pixar!!!!! I can’t recall about telling him that dream, so I am really surprised he knows and remembers about it. although I can’t apply to it, I really thank him for that.

So, that was my story.

Happy Leap Day!



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