I think universe conspires to remind me of my dreams these days. A few days ago one of my seniors gave me a link about my dreams (and I don’t think I ever tell him about it).

The next day one of my friends tell me, “I know what your dream is! You want to (she talks about my dreams here)”. She said she knows it from my other friends, who said “Wow, X’s dream is as same as Nadin’s!”. So they know.

I don’t know how to react. I always think my dreams are kind of private, that’s why I never really talk about it. But I wrote about it (maybe) anywhere. I don’t recall tweeting something about my dreams that would make my senior knew about it, but I wrote it on my other blog. I always thought that no one will ever read it so I am surprised that my friends know about it.

It is kind of delightful and saddening at the same time. Am I that obvious? Because I don’t like being one. I am afraid I can not make it, because of my lack of skills.

So why now, universe? Why?



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