Cross Checking

In this information era, we should be more careful about what we got from social media. We can not be really sure of what people write, what is on Twitter Trending Topic and Facebook News Feed.

For example, the Kony issues. I haven’t seen the video yet (it’s really long and the connection was so slow!) but my friends already shared links about the pro and contra of this issues.

Those sites are:

and many more. Those sites gave me another point of views because these days people look like supporting Invisible Children because it’s “cool”. I don’t know if they had cross checking the news before or they just following the trend. I hope they did it because they really care.

I still think that this Kony issues is horrible, although I have to do some more reading to make sure what I have to do next.

My point is, be smart. Check the current news from many sources. Don’t just believe what your favourite celebrities tweeted.

Happy checking!



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