Oreo Fun Carnival

Well, it’s kind of random. I caught the glimpse of the banners on my way home Friday night, saw the Oreo page on Saturday morning, asked friends about it and they agreed, and BAM! I was on Oreo Fun Carnival this evening.

Oreo has always been my favorite cookies. It is not really sweet but still really delicious. In Indonesia, Oreo is on their peak of popularity because their commercials featured the cutest kid ever, Afiqa. This carnival is to celebrate their 100th anniversary! Wow, so old.

My friends and I arrived at Gasibu at 4 pm. Here are some photos taken from my cell phone with so-called effects.

The picture above is Oreo Fun Factory (you don’t say! haha) It was like a miniature of oreo factory. The factory itself is just using half of the tent.. A bit disappointing.

One of the features on fun factory. We watched very short movie, maybe it was called “To The Moon” since the waiter there asks us “Wanna go to the moon, ladies?” when we looked at the vehicle.

Since the Oreo Fun Carnival are primarily for kids and family, we can’t get our hopes too high. At first, I thought we can get many food with Oreo on this event. Such as Oreo cheesecake, Oreo cupcake, Oreo ice cream, and many more. Well, they don’t even have that… There were only playground for kids and we have to buy “passport” before we could ride them.

There was also a photo booth only for Rp10.000,00 for a piece of photo. Make sure you are not on the edge of the photo so the frame won’t cover you! Hahahaha.

What a day. I hope when this event held tomorrow, it will be much better.



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