Day 11 – A Book You Hated

I usually love fantasy stories, but I really can’t stand with Tunnels‘s darkness. This Roderick Gordon’s and Brian Williams’ story is about a boy named Will Burrows who seek his eccentric father… in The Deeps under the earth. The character’s name is really explaining. Burrows.

I don’t really remember the story. Even I had to google before I recall the main character’s name. The only thing I remembered is the darkness of the story. I mean, almost every scene from this novel is under the earth and I imagined “what a world they live in!”. The darkness was so intense when the scene changed to the real world I can finally take a breath.

No, I don’t hate it because of the story (I think it can be interesting). I hate it because of the background setting. I don’t think I will ever bought the sequels. I just can’t stand the darkness..



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