Tinderblast, my external HD was broken. Sadly, I had filled it with many of my files, including photos form my Rebel (a Canon EOS 450D) and some videos. My laptop’s memory was nearly full of entertainment files so I bought a Toshiba external HD.

It was the cheapest ext HD. My dad always trust Toshiba so I decided to buy this one.

But suddenly, after several weeks untouched, it didn’t even turned on when I plugged it to any laptops. I brought it to service center and they say they had to change it with new one. I said yes.

I thought there were nothing in that HD. I thought I will only lose some videos.

I lost some of old photos. Taken from Rebel. It was really hurt thinking about it. I lost a very nice picture of a young girl with beautiful eyes. It was a photo from Inferno, a charity event from my study program year.

The girl was so sweet; she called me “Teteh” with her small voice. She had a pair of beautiful and expressive eyes.

I am feeling empty now.



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