Yann Tiersen

I have never known Yann Tiersen until I watched Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain in 2009. The movie blew my mind since I shared one or two traits with the main protagonist, Amelie Poulain. It was like I saw myself, except that cute Audrey Tatou’s face.

Its soundtrack is also beautiful, but since I never pay attention to any soundtrack I only thought the music was really suit the French atmosphere that time.

Thanks to Last.fm and Elian. I remember I was visiting his Last.fm profile and found that his most played album was Amelie’s soundtrack. I listened to it straightaway.

And I know that I can’t stop playing his music ever since.

Yann Tiersen doesn’t create music. He creates imagination.

He, definitely, is a 40-year-old BAMF (picture from Last.fm)

I mean, he is a minimalist, avant-garde musician and songwriter, play piano, violin (!!!), accordion, guitar, toy piano, voice, and various others you can’t even list it!

I want to write more about him, but I have paper assignment to be done and A Storm of Swords to finished. Maybe later (procrastinators unite!)



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