What I Must Do Before 4th June

Since 4th June is the day I start my internship, this is what I have to do:

  1. Learn XML
  2. Learn XBRL
  3. Knows what’s the difference between semantics and syntax
  4. Prepare for shirt, pants, etc etc
  5. Finish A Storm of Swords
  6. Buy a new drink bottle
  7. Buy a portable modem + SIM card
  8. Search for any mart/ATM nearby office


  1. dieend said:

    The modem’s part isn’t a must, I think. You can use your android phone to tether it or made it as an access point.

    • Yeah, I have thought about that too, but Telkomsel is pricey for data so I decided to use 3 (I hope they have excellent signal there)

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