Line Messenger

There are so many instant messengers these days. My first account was Yahoo! with some childish names (fake names and number and underscores etc etc), I tried ICQ with their numbers, MSN, AOL, Gmail, and many more.

Since mobile technology is today’s trend, many of those new messengers use mobile phone number instead of user ID/e-mail for logging in. So all you have to do is registering your number and your contact lists will sync with the ones you have in your contact book. Most of this messenger also multiplatform so it works on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia (Symbian). One of the most popular messenger since it works in BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Nokia

I tried this Line application about three months ago. At first I thought it was just another data-consuming messenger. Besides, only few of my friends are using it.

Emote is one of Line’s strength. Naver, its developer, provides us with many emoticon (they called it stickers) which are very expressive.

The picture above is many screens of Line. And below are some of the stickers. There is this blond man…..

This unisex-bald-character…

They have bears and rabbits too! The farting one is my favorite ahahahaha

Sometimes it is strange to see your non-expressive friends use this. You will imagine them with these expression and…………. *try it yourself*

The most exciting news is that you can download Line on your Android, iPhone, and computer (Windows and Mac)!  You can also try its browser app with this link. Happy Lining!



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