400 Sentences

I was one of the chosen people who receive the text from Aul which she mentioned in this post. I was born in Bandung to Sundanese mother and no-longer-speak-Javanese-but-speak-Sundanese-fluently father. In other words, I can speak Sundanese–nope. I just understand it but can’t speak it fluently.

Long story short, Aul needs some Sundanese speaker for her speech recognition research in Japan. Superb, isn’t it? Last Monday and Tuesday I spent several hours in recording studio to read 400 hundreds (YES, IT WAS FOUR HUNDREDS!) Sundanese sentences (YES, IT WAS SENTENCES!).

Here I was, spending my holiday to read hundreds of Sundanese sentences. I haven’t been in a recording studio before, so yeah, that was my first time!

Also that feeling when you heard your recorded voice. Weird lvl 9000.

I really hope Aul will do her research fast and succesfully. Kudos to you, Aul! 😀


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