Day 26 – A Book That Changed Your Opinion About Something

One of good things about reading is that you will never close and finish your book without getting your head “empty”. Some books will make you feel exhausted, yet there are always “something”. That is why I can not really write about a book that changed me, because it will be A LOT.

I have written about how The Zahir by Paulo Coelho changed my way of thinking about life. So I will write about another.

via Goodreads

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps by Allan & Barbara Pease is a great example about a book that have changed my (and many others’) opinion. Mr and Mrs Pease wrote about how different men and women are. They are equals but they are not the same. They have different hormones, different views, different bodies, different brains, and many more.

You can read in this book about how wide women’s sight is while men’s are more far and focused but not as wide as women’s. You can compare the brain of men and women. You can do the test about how masculine or feminine your brain is (and I got a half-masculine and half-feminine brain!).

The book really changed my opinion about how men have perverted mind and such, how women tend to see baby with some weird faces, and many more. I love how the book open my mind about gender differences and how women and men are equal and how women (sometimes) trying too hard to be like men.

I never see men and women relationship the same again the day I finished this book.


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