Day 28 – Favorite Title

I don’t know what they mean for this day’s challenge. Is it your favorite book? Or is it any books with beautiful titles? Uh, I don’t know.

So I will tell you about a book with beautiful title and one of my favorite.

It is not an ordinary book that I always read: fantasy, fiction, comedy, etc. It is a how-to book. It is called: Frankly Feminine by Eileen McCarthy. I found this book in my high school library. I was with my friends that time, and we were so interested to palm reading articles, ahaha. We never saw the book again until I stepped into an old book store months ago and found this one lying thick economy textbooks and stuffs. I bought it only Rp25.000,00.

The book itself is very rare. It is an old book (published 1965!) but the content is everlasting. It taught you about women’s life, how to dress, how to arrange party, parenting, love, and so many things women should know.

A guide to hair and beauty for any face shape

A guide to decorate room

Various cake recipes

They even have an articles about the differences of cheese!

How to be a better driver! LOL

Probably the most interesting of all: the palm reading

The book is really fun to read (for women). Calling itself “A book of comprehensive information and advice for the woman of today”, the book could be your precious classic collection.



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