You know that something in baby that stimulates women’s estrogen and make their faces look like this?

Those babies gave that something to me these days. Blame the hormones. I feel like I am gonna make the face above every time I see chubby cheeks of babies.

But that thing is not only happening to me, of course. Many women suffer (?) this “disease” haha. Blame the hormones.

And no. That was not the strangest thing. I met a baby on a trolley at supermarket this Monday. His mother was in front of me, paying all her things to cashier. Suddenly the baby turned back to me with his bloody cute doe eyes and said:

“Apa? Apa?” (What?)

while he pointed at my groceries, curiously. And he did it about twenty times! I answered him with some words like “susu“, “yogurt”, etc that I know he won’t know the meaning. My most successful attempt was when he pointed at my red groceries basket and I said “merah” (red). He said, “eeahh”.

The cuteness overload meme stroked my face again. My dad said the baby was about 1-year-old (haha I never knew the differences).

Do you know what makes me think about the baby until now? His cuteness makes 50% of it, but the rest was because of the “Apa?” thing. I have written about my first word on my very first post. Yes, it was “Apa?” too. Not that “Apa?” as first word is a rare thing, but I almost never find a baby that rambling that word curiously like my parents said I did.

Uh, I don’t know. I’m just rambling. The baby was very cute.



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