Do you know that orange is known as the loneliest color and word ever?

via People Tribe

I have two major reasons for this.

There is no word rhymes with orange.

Wikipedia said that it is widely accepted that no single English word is a true rhyme for orange. It is rhymeless, like music, woman, silver, plankton, film, and rhythm based on this list. However, some people found words that rhyme with orange in those posts.

No idiomatic usage.

I recently read an article from Daily Writing Tips about idioms that referring from rainbow color. You know, some idioms like “green with envy”, “feeling blue”, and “in the red”.

Here the excerpt:

Among the colors of the rainbow, orange is curiously absent from idiomatic usage. Although it is a bright, cheerful color often found in nature, the only common expression that uses the word orange employs the plural form referring to the fruit of that name –“apples and oranges,” meaning “unrelated subjects or issues,” to emphasize irrelevance.

What’s wrong with you, orange? Even the closest thing people remember about you is “Annoying orange”, lol.

via Raw Food Living

So the last questions tonight maybe: Are those quizzes that determines your personality based on your favorite color still valid? Because I love orange.



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