Since my cellular provider is being kind by giving us 500 MB for only 15.000 rupiahs, I downloaded many trending apps I never tried before from Google Play. One of them is Flipboard, the social magazine. I KNOW IT IS LATE BUT IT IS BETTER THAN NEVER, RIGHT? LOL.

This apps allows you to get updates from any news sources and websites, such as TIME, Mashable, Thought Catalog, Brain Picker, and many more. As an avid reader, I LOVE THIS APPS VERY MUCH! I can read any news or articles in a nice way with clean and modern user interface.

So here are a few of screen capture of Flipboard….

The picture above is the home screen. Flipboard will ask you some topics you love and then arrange it in simple boxes. To go to another page, you have to “flip” it by dragging the screen above or below.

Some of the topics I choose.

One of the news from Technology topics.

The clean UI of the news. It is already optimized for smartphones(not tablets). The apps is available on iPad, iPhone, and Android. If you like to keep in touch with latest news, I really recommend it. The only thing I disliked from the apps is how users can not choose whether they want to load the pictures or not, or to lower the quality because Flipboard takes my data quota away~ Single click to the app will costs you 2-10 MB. Sigh.

I hope they read my review and considering that because Indonesians don’t have any cheap and unlimited data plan yet.

Happy flipping!



  1. pulse lebih hemat tuh kalo masalah konsumsi data. dan fungsinya hampir sama sih

    • wawawaa. terima kasih infonya elian! flipboard akhirnya diuninstall karena mengonsumsi banyak memori hauhauhuahua

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