KEUKEN #3: The Athlete’s Feast

I went to Keuken last 30th of September with my fellows. It is the third Keuken (second was in Saparua, the first.. umm.. let me google it.. oh yes, it was in Cikapundung!) and the second I visited. “Keuken” is a Dutch word means “kitchen”. Funny, I thought it was a Sundanese word because it has “eu” in the word.

Keuken is a food festival. No, the food and beverages there are not cheap. But they offer something you can not always found in ordinary food festivals. Here are some photos from Marchy, Ari, and Aul’s cameras. Some of them taken by them and some of them by me.

Red velvet cake by White Plate

Fresh lemonade by Lemontree

Chef Harada, my father’s lost twin brother. Lol. He is so funny.

The fellows and the crowds

Me and Gita, with those empty container of delicious foooooddd

(only) the girls

To get the maximum benefit, the girls and I shared our menu. So I get many food and beverages with lower price. Some bits of the food I remember: red velvet cake, lemonade, burritos, bola ketan, es kering, keripik kribo, mie merapi for about 40.000 rupiahs…………… hahahahaha. Lucky the girls want to share their food together.

The event was SO CROWDED and the tables was full. It is lucky to get one table (finally) for us. It was so hard to walk and see the tenants. I hope the next event will be better/

Can’t wait for the next event!




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