LINE Sticker: Waroo


According to my blog statistics, my post about Line Messenger has the most visits of all. Line has been a very nice messenger with almost no bugs and adorable stickers.

I recently buy new sticker from my senior, Kak Atin, but I haven’t paid her! She bought it directly from the apps and then she sent this as a gift to me. It cost about $1,99 or Rp20.000,00. To buy it directly, you have to own a Google Wallet account and sync it with your credit card, which is still unusual to Indonesians, who prefer cash.

So, this is Waroo. Her description on Line is “Waroo may act timid and but she gets her point across!“. Grammatically incorrect, lol. But since Waroo has similar features and timid like me, I already fell in love with this stickers the first time I saw it.

This is only “Smile Brush” edition. I hope there will be more!

EDIT: Waroo is a boy! Hahaha. Now the description is “Waroo may act timid, but this character gets the point across every time!”. I know it because it is featured on LINE Webtoons app.

See you when I see you.



  1. Bobo said:

    Hi there–I’m writing a post about how my dad is a sucker for stickers, especially LINE stickers. I was hoping to use an image from your page if that’s possible. Please let me know as I’m trying to be good about getting permission for the images I use on my site.


    • Hello! Of course you can. It was just a screenshot from LINE desktop app, hahaha (which remind me, maybe I should write that on my post). Let me know if your post already up 🙂

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