Congraduations, Fanny

Last August 15th, my pretty junior-high-school-friend Fanny Octa Febrina had her thesis defense and got her S.Mn (Bachelor of Management) degree. We (our 3E girls clique) came to SBM and surprised her. These photos taken by Irfandie from my camera.

Congratulations for your A, Fanny 😀

Above: Fellyn, Fanny, Dita/Koji. Below: Arina, Dea, Nadine, Andhari

Then she treated us with random and impulsive dinner. We hope you become a successful financial planner or whatever you want to be.

I can’t go to her graduation day on October 21st, so I haven’t taken any photos with Fanny and her graduation hat. Hahaha. So when I came to her birthday and graduation party on October 23rd, I took these photos.

We hope you become a successful woman, Fanny. Don’t forget to pray for us, too. Next year will be ours, aamiinn!!



  1. Fanny said:

    nadinn!!! aku baru baca inilah!!! terharuuuuuuuuu loveyoumuchhhhhh!!!!

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