Trend Insights: A Review

The first time I got this link, I thought it was just ordinary blogspot-based blog. But no, it was not! Trend Insights is a curated blog about many interesting things, similar to Brain Pickings or Explore. It will give you daily dose of interesting design, interior design, architecture, innovation, gadgets and more.. Like this one..

Umbrella Bag (via Trend Insights, click picture for the link)

Or this one..

a mug that will change its color based on the temperature (via Trend Insights, click picture for the link)

even J.Co! (I don’t know, maybe the blog author is related to Johnny Andrean haha).

J.Co on Trend Insights (click picture for the link)

Interesting, isn’t it? Many of the things there is thought-provoking and sometimes “mind blowing”. Useful items, beautiful designs, creative advertising, you name it. This is the kind of blog that you want to share almost every single post there to your friends, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or anything else.

Trend Insights has its first post in 2008 and around 500 total post until 2011. Oh well, the blog is no longer updating 😦

When you visit this blog for the first time, it will look like this.

Trend Insights layout

Trend Insights layout (Flipboard)

Whoa, it will need a high-speed internet!” was my first thought. The good thing about this blog is it can be slow-speed-internet-friendly, because it has the option to change the layout (on the top left), for example this Magazine Layout. I love the simplicity of Trend Insights.

Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

You can also choose Classic, Mosaic, Snapshot, Sidebar, and Timeslide layout for the options. It’s all up to you!

This blog also let you to share your insight and let the world read it in the site. They said: “If you have spotted anything trendy, cool or have something which you want people to read about, feel free to tip us:

The only thing I don’t like about this blog is the ads. Somehow, it’s disturbing because it appears almost in every post but it won’t make your innovation quest less interesting!

Have a good day!


  1. kalo Classic, Mosaic, Snapshot, Sidebar, and Timeslide itu pilihan theme di blogspot nad, otomatis itu mah haha
    yang masih mayan up to date tuh aye langganan semacam explore lah

    • haha maaf ya cupu ini sih buat tugas kuliah soalnya

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