Celup Ikat/Tie Dye, Mid-Exam Edition

I promised myself to post what I did in my Celup Ikat/Tie Dye class if I passed this one. I would like to post many more of my works, but I haven’t took any photo of it and I haven’t take them back from Kriya Tekstil department.

So, here they are, the mid-exam task. We have to make a tie-dye motives from 2 m x 1 m cotton cloth with at least 3 techniques that had been taught before.

2012-10-23 14.46.43-1

2012-10-23 15.19.13-2

2012-10-23 16.23.32-3

The results. The first photo is the one I planned. But, when my friend Riza accidentally put the cloth in wrong way, I thought, damn, it’s much better than what I planned! LOL.


I love this class. It’s refreshing and fun. The teachers are nice, too!



  1. aaah i shud have taken this class!!! looks so interesting as you said, nadin.

    • kyaa kak bella! iya kak, it’s really interesting and most importantly: refreshing and good grade! hahaha!

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