Instant Bookmark: Many Ways to Creativity

This article titled 80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career was just one of dozens articles on Creative Opera. The author was so kind, she shared her own list of creative-sites bookmarks to us! Well, that is why Internet was invented, right?

The categories of the bookmarks are: All-in-One, InspirationTutorialsWeb Development/CodeFreelanceLogos & TypographyAdvice & DiscussionFreebies & GiveawaysBlogging, and Micro-Blogs/Links. I was really obsessed with making my own fonts, so I automatically the link below.

Making your own font (click for the link)

I also found bunch of personal portfolios design ideas.. Like this site, where I found this cute design.

I need some tutorials about making website. This list knows my need. I am excited!


Basically, this link made by Manda is list of lists. Most of the sites are referring to another sites.

This list is really useful for me, since I am a bit obsessed with art, design, web sites, drawings, logos, and fonts. I have visited some of the websites before because I need the tutorials, the textures, inspiration design, and many more that can help my design projects. This list also need some updates, because some links I clicked are 404 – page not found or something else, like this one 😦

page not found

All in all, this list of lists are worth bookmarking if you are one of people who craving for bunch of thought-provoking posts.



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