Java Jazz Festival

I am not that gig person, so this event is still on my top five list of concert I have ever visited. First was Sherina’s when I was a child, the second was Soundshine with Kings of Convenience, and this was the third, I think.

I can not say that I like Jazz, but I like it more than I like metal or screaming music or such. I am that kind of person who will stuck in a song for a long time if I fall in love with particular songs, so I don’t really know about jazz musicians and the kind of jazz I like is only bossa nova.. And I won’t say otherwise just to look cool hahaha. I love Sergio Mendes, by the way.

Photo booth is a must in every concerts, so it is no wonder that this place always full with photo bombs and stuffs.

Surprise, surprise! D’Masiv, a not-so-jazz-band, was on JJF! They jazzed up some of their songs.. Well, nice try!


Marcus Miller, one of legendary jazz musician!



There were some photos my friend took. The night was so enjoyable that I can not remember the details. I remembered the moments. At some gigs, people was so exhausted and their feet sore and they SAT on the floor! Lol! I never saw that! Well, jazz was not the kind of music you can not enjoy while you’re sitting on the floor, right?

PS: the food price was so expensive >.<

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