The Gifts

Thanks for the gifts, fellas :” I really appreciate that.


What I got from my lovely friends, in this photo:

  1. Zombie (Plants vs. Zombies) doll from Tifa. I will always remember our Tatangkalan vs. Jombi :”
  2. Rose origami from Naila
  3. Chocolate from Dea CM
  4. An A2 paper with words from 3E friends (Inay, Enggar, Asmi, Dea, Naila, Dika, dll)
  5. An A3 paper and graduation paper hat with words from Labtek V people (Ezra Miller, Sasri, Bobi, Agast, Dea, Tifa, Wiko, Marchy, Rido, Ichal, Kak Karin, dll)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! May your thesises and the defenses goes well too. Aameen.


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