Marhaban means hello or welcome.

To some people, Ramadan is a month of diet.

To others, Ramadan is a month to stop doing bad deeds and lucky ones keep doing it on other 11 months and so on.

Tropical countries people usually fast for 17 hours. Subtropical 18-19 hours, and more north/south would be more than that.

To some non-Muslims, Ramadan is a month of suffer.

via someecards

To some others, it is a blessing.

via someecards

Ramadan was the month my big brother born. My dad named him Ahri Ramadan.

Ramadan is a holy month, and I don’t want it to be another month of hunger and thirst. It should be a month of realizing that hunger and thirst can not hold you from doing daily activities and be close to Him.

Well, there were just fun facts about Ramadan.

So, marhaban ya Ramadan 🙂




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