Mixed-Up Mother Goose, A Nostalgic Game

I had played so many computer games in my childhood; it was almost my daily vitamin. It was because I was going to a rather “sophisticated” elementary schooli. They taught me more about computer, e-mail, office software, and educational computer games. The more I think about my childhood, the more I think that I have been given those genes that makes me more interested to computer more than other children.

One of the games that I can remember is Sierra, or at least that was what my teachers and friends called and what I remember. And thanks to Mr Larry Page and Mr Sergey Brin, I can play this games and solve the games!!!!!!!! I had never solved this games. WHOA. It’s like one of the biggest relieve ever.

I tried some Google key word like “Sierra games humpty dumpty” or so because the only thing I can remember is I have to rescue or doing something to Humpty Dumpty… These also lead me to the real name of the game: Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe. The game itself has several versions, and I played the newest one. You can download it here: http://www.emuparadise.me/ScummVM_Games/Mixed_Up_Mother_Goose_Deluxe_(CD_DOS)/95929-download

After some problem here and there, I managed to play the game (SOOO EXCITED!!!)

If you have problem with the games, you can search for the solution here:



So, here they are.. Some of the shots. I don’t remember this welcome screen, though.


OH YES. I REMEMBER A BIT ABOUT THIS. We choose our character for the game.


I don’t remember this. But after few articles, I understand what is Mother Goose. It is like collection of puns that tell you some stories like Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Mary and her lamb, Bo-Beep, and so so. I remember read it once in my childhood. I had a book full of Mother Goose stories complete with illustrations, so I remember about it a bit.

The gameplay is about the characters of Mother Goose’s stories who lost something from the story and they need our help to find it. The thing we seek will be on any page and we must deliver it to the right character. In a simple word, the story was mixed-up.


This one is example. “Mary had a little lamb”. Many of you will know this song, right? Every character will sing the song whenever we finish the quest.


THIS ONE!!! I REMEMBER ABOUT THIS! HUMPTY DUMPTY BROKE INTO PIECES!!!!!! OH GOD! As you may noticed, we got a golden egg after finishing each quest.


In the end, when we have collect all the golden eggs, all the characters will gather in Mother Goose’s house and say thanks to us.

I really like this game. I finished it in half an hour; I remember I never finished it in my childhood. A proof that my English and my understanding to computer has improved. LOL. It was very easy but very entertaining, especially if you had a childhood like mine.

Good night, sleep tight.



  1. Lam said:

    how do you install it?

    • Hi! Actually I already forget how I install it, but if my memory serves, the files was an executable one, so you don’t have to install it. I hope the links above is still working!

  2. Devin said:

    OMG thank you!! I remember playing this all the time as a kid and never beating it. It use to bug me so so much. I’m way too excited than I should be

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