Small Talk They Will Forget

Last Friday, when I was resting from the “brutality” of the children I taught, I browsed photos I have taken in my laptop. Suddenly, one of the children asked me,

“Ma’am, have you ever do Umrah?”

“Um.. yes, alhamdulillah”

“Have you do Hajj?”

“Umm.. not yet.”

“Uh, why don’t you? I want to do Hajj first, so people will call me Haji Reyhan!”

*Class laughing*

It was just small talk, many of the kids will forget that conversation in hours. But maybe I won’t. Because when Reyhan asked me about it, I was browsing photos of our Umrah last February. What a coincidence 🙂

I really hope it is a sign that me and my family will come again someday, hopefully for Hajj. Aameen 🙂



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