The main problem is not the main problem

I should have started my thesis but since I do this fast track program (the program which enables you to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate in 5 years and normally 6 years) because it is free and I still want to pursue postgraduate in Europe, I procrastinate instead. I have had my own topics; it is still about sustainable technology and stuffs. It is like my passion; I love the earth and environment and I never do anything concrete about it.  The main reason is I hate hot weather and I hate the change of temperature in my city. Bandung is getting hotter! Lol, what a reason.

I decided to do some research about Carbon Management System, but unfortunately, I have not found the open sources ones so maybe I should buy it. The problem is I don’t have enough moneyyy. Yeahh.. it is all about the money! Sigh. My thesis supervisor advised me to enter my undergraduate thesis for some journals. It is interesting, but it means I have to translate it first  to English first. Yeah I am a lazy girl even though I know I am writing in English right now. L-O-L.

Well, the main problem is not that. It is just my escape. No one knows about my main problem, but writing about it is enough.



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  1. Alias said:

    Maybe you should look for research grant. 😛

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