Please take me somewhere far from home

To travel is to learn.

The last time I wander very far from home left me so many things to contemplate. That last time was the first time I feel differences is what makes us rich. That was the wanderlust changing you from inside and reflected on your outside. And it could be from anywhere you walk. There is no such thing as fruitless journey.

To travel is to left you craving for more.. but sometimes there are borders you can’t cross, so you need companions.

To travel is to let you see the big picture you have missed all the time.

“In travel, a companion. In life, compassion” – Japanese proverb

Would you, please?



  1. afaizn said:

    ini ceritanya #kode atau gimana ? :))

  2. Quite agree, to travel is to learn. But in learning, travelling does need its ever compassionate companion—living. 🙂

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