Let’s Call It Internship

It’s been a year since my sister found an advertisement in Kompas Jabar regarding some internships including graphic design. I sent my CV a few days later…. But I was called for the internship….in 8 months. There were bits and bobs that make me could not do it in November, but here I am, designing layout for a half newspaper page with other copywriter intern.

2014-01-08 14.07.51I must learn InDesign from scratch but the software turns out to be fun to learn! At least I learn new skill this holiday lol although this internship is not even close to what I study in university. The only problem I got so far is there is no place to park my vehicle since there were only factory outlets around the office and they charge per hour. PHEW!! But it is okay, I’d rather walk a bit than pay more lololololol.

Happy holiday, happy internship, happy thesis (NOOOOOO)!


  1. nadiiin, keren amat iiih! x) good luck yaah kamu kamuu

    • Aiih kerenan kakak bella kalii :”) ini gampang kok masuknya cuma nunggunya aja lama hihihii. Makasih tapi kaak good luck jugaa

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