Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Um. How to write this review without looking so heartless? Because I didn’t cry at the end of the book like many reviewers here. (Update: I am not the only one who think this book is overrated.)

At first chapters.. Hazel Grace… Ah, a bit Mary Sue. No particular weaknesses. You don’t know Mary Sue? Go here. The hot guy says “you are beautiful” (and another variations) to her thousand times. Hot guy! She said that the guy is hot (and its variations) million times. ARE YOU BELLA SWAN OR WHAT? Boring.

More chapters go.. I changed my mind a bit. I like her humor, many conversations are quotable, and maybe Hazel Grace Lancaster is not that Mary Sue. Her point of view is not that interesting, but that is what you’ll get if you use first-person POV. Too much “I” will kill your characters. The story is telling, not showing. You can blame George R. R. Martin for setting my standard too high for awesome storytelling. The story itself flows nicely with too many coincidences, like when one character found something when the others is found by something too. The plot is predictable. Cliché.

At the end, I feel very sick with Gus’s flirtatious personality, saying “I love you” (and other variations) with Hazel saying “I know” (and its variations) for maybe 10000219023 times. Ugh. Well, maybe the book’s lovers would say “that is what people-realizing-they-are-going-to-die do!”. Sorry, then. Maybe I am just heartless or what. Well, I cried a bit, though. Who doesn’t cry in the middle of story highly linked to death? But that’s not a good enough reason to give this book 4 or 5 stars.

The last pages is saying “I love you” in many variations. And as I turn the last page, I still think it is overrated. (But that does not mean I will not watch the movie, lol). Maybe it is 2,5.. but in the end I stick to 2 stars.

At least this book gave me something to learn: that even if the book is >4.00 stars on Goodreads, but if the reviewers mostly are women (with male-to-female ratio is 1 to 10 or less), I have great chances I will not like that book. EOS.



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