What I have heard these days

This is Aragorn and Arwen Evenstar’s theme.

Sindarin version:
E môr henion i dhu:

Ely siriar, êl síla
Ai! Aníron Undómiel

Tiriel arad ‘ala môr
minnon i dhû-sad oltha
Ai! Aníron Edhelharn.


English translation:
From darkness I understand the night:

dreams flow, a star shines
Ah! I desire Evenstar

Having watched the day grow dark
I go into the night – a place to dream
Ah! I desire Elfstone.

The path to this Enya’s melody was unpredictable and contains more words that I can write right now. I could write until morning, but I don’t want to. Believe me, these new-founds startled me more than anyone.



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