In Order

These latest months was more inspiring to me than many previous months combined. I went to Jakarta almost every week to do my first focus group discussions–which is weird, I have thought that my first FGD would be on my job-seeking time—with great designers, interview great people, and taste the first sip of working with government people. Well, my current job is to write a blueprint of creative industry in Indonesia, focusing on sub sector of design. That is why I have met many great designers and inspired by them all.

The interviews went well, the discussions widen my mind, and the job is challenging enough that I made it into an article in IndonesiaKreatif (here is the link!). Studying systems at my undergraduate program made me realize that the government is not integrated enough to make Indonesia more progressive than it is now (haha very personal opinion).


That was not the most important thing I got from these months. It is what I got from many interviews with several entrepreneur in design area. I have interviewed both the start-up and the well-experienced ones. To me, being an entrepreneur is still the best way to seek wealth and be useful to the community at the same time. Most of them are brave, smart, and idealist. They want to give more impact to the community around them, and they did it! Making money is not their first priority, but the money always follows their effort. So much difference than most people I meet now.

They do not worry about money, which is a thing I can not do right now (lol). But you know, as I have said before, the money is “there” and they always get it. One of them, Mr Agus W, told me his experience. He is an entrepreneur and a lecturer in Surabaya.

The first time I start my business, I divided my time to 30% social things and 70% for making money. Then I changed my pattern to 60% social and 40% money (I forgot the numbers, but you get the point-N), and get more (money) than before!

Whoa. That reminds me to a quote I still remember today.

If we plant the rice plant (paddy), grass will grow by itself. But not vice versa. That means, we should do the most important ones first, the rest will follow.

– Mr Burhanudin Azis, a mentor, 2013.

Yeah, we should do the most important ones first: being good to other people and be useful to community (at least to me). In Islamic context, it is “putting Allah first“–but I try to translate it to everyday language. Well it is just me being in an ideal world. In reality, I’m still that lazy student struggling to fight her laziness. I hope this writing remind me if someday I go to the wrong path.

In order to get, you must give. I should have given more, for I have been given too many.

N, still wanting to travel around the world.


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