Well, this is embarrassing. For the first time in my life I use other people’s works for my social media personalization like header, icons, etc (except those profile pictures. I am really not great at taking picture of myself and when I found one that I like it is usually just a piece from many bad pictures). And by “other people” is those ones I took from Deco app. Hahaha.

But this is something big that I must change all those kites into something else. It is still my masterpiece until 4 years later, but it is time to change for greater good. It is time to make new “masterpiece”, maybe with rain theme, my favorite weather ever after those more than 1500 days of summer. Not really that “summer”, but nobody needs unnecessary details.

Also, my current favorite kanji/chinese character: 雨 (rain) and 傘 (umbrella). Because, hey, they look a lot like what they mean, right?



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