Postcards From Around The World

This very late post is about a project for Dea’s 22nd birthday on December 2013. Hahahaha. I know it is supeeeeeeeeeer late!! As usual, we discussed what to give for each other birthday and because Dea loves postcards, postcards it is! But of course, our postcards will not be ordinary. It will be from us, sent from Photoshopland from different places on Earth!

So each of us went to our dream places, took photos, and make a postcard out of it! These are our postcards, from the west to the east, started from Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Venice, Santorini, Moscow, Madinah, and Tokyo, we have come to Dea’s house to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”.






karinAt first I am afraid that the project will be failed or something but it turns out really good! Someday we all visit those cities, okay?! And not only on Photoshopland hahahah.




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