Review: Perfect Strangers

perfect-strangersIt’s been yearrrrssss since I read my last romance book. Part of me will always hate any form of romantic story because it never happened to me and I envy those lucky girls in the story almost all of them are predictable: a perfect woman, a perfect man, a conflict, and in the end, those two that has been named in the back cover fall in so called love or bla bla bla you name it.

So, when the Blind Date from Books&Beyond by only paying Rp99.000,00 for 3 books got me this novel, I directly just read this one because….it has the lowest rating of all. Blind Date with Perfect Strangers it is! HA!

The story was predictable, but I enjoyed it. I was hoping for my definition of strangers: the both characters met for the first time and both of them knew that they are the “perfect” strangers and the song playing was La Valse d’Amelie (version orchestre). Murakami-esque. But of course, the world doesn’t revolve around you, dear.

The conflict was interesting, but it was more interesting when I read the synopsis on the back cover. I thought it would involve all the office/FBI/CIA/Interpol/any spy organization. Hahaha. The flow of the story is too long in the start, but it is forgivable. The ending? As I said, it is predictable, but it will entertain any hopeless romantic out there. Everyone is happy.

I am torn between giving it 2 or 3 but well, 3/5 it is!

And maybe it is a good thing that I got this book from the Blind Date, this exact title was nowhere to be found in Goodreads and I found out that it was combined to another title: Summer in The City. I have fixed it (thank God I have applied for Goodreads Librarian status from a long time ago hahaha).




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