Review: The Tokyo Zodiac Murders

I actually finished it within a week–maybe about 4-5 days. Maybe because the English used is relatively easy. The story itself is quite spine-chilling, where six women are mutilated and buried in several places across Japan to create Azoth, the perfect woman. There are times when my hair raised and I am too scared to sleep while reading the story, lol.

The detectives in the story, Mitarai Kiyoshi and Ishioka Kazumi acted like Sherlock and Watson, respectively. The story is written from Ishioka’s perspective, where we observe eccentric Mitarai’s smart and peculiar behavior. I rarely read detective stories, and I almost forgot the details of Sherlock Holmes, but it is said that what make this story is different is that the author already put the clues in the story. He even encouraged us to solve the case before the detectives does.

The conclusion and the twist are really disturbing for me, but it just shows the reader that the author is quite genius. I am looking forward to read another cases.




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